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Originally Posted by v1k0d3n View Post
Prince should know the paint color code for this wheel. he should be back on the thread later today (i'm assuming).
When it comes to wheels, most manufacturers do not provide paint codes like you would find for the body of the car. Unfortunetly this leads to problems when trying to match a custom color to what the customer wants. The only way to be sure we are creating the color that perfectly matches what the customer is wanting is to have another wheel on hand with the correct color to view during the process.

As mentioned earlier, all of the hyper silver, hyper black, chrome shadow colors are a 3 stage process. The middle stage of applying the thin silver coating is where we need another wheel to view so everything is being looked at in the same lighting and the number of coats applied can be adapted to match the original.

Without such a wheel on hand there needs to be an understanding that we will try to match a photo as close as possible, but the shading we see compared to what is desired may turn out slightly different.

We have had many, many happy customers on the M5board, but in most of those projects we were able to use one of the original wheels as a match for the first three, then refinished that original wheel to be the same as those first three. A few times we were asked to make the wheels a little darker or lighter than the originals were and they turned out fine, but there is still the vague question of how much is "a little darker or lighter" in the customer's eyes compared to the technician spraying the wheel.

Even doing gold colors colors can be tricky unless the customer comes in to look at some color swatches. Some gold colors are more yellow and others more orange. We don't want to finish a project to then have the customer say it isn't the color they had in mind.