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Originally Posted by Muffnbluff View Post
Where is this held, on Manchester?

I saw the black 135i with rims yesterday on Clayton, I have the IB E92 M3.
If you're a member of the BMW CCA you should already know... but if not then you're still welcome as are all car geeks

It's at the Starbucks just West of McKnight on Manchester. The next one is October 22nd... mark your calendars, chaps!

And thanks for the pictures, dude. I see me and my girlfriend in there chatting to ZCP M3 in front of that awesome black 1 M. Some gorgeous cars out there today... could help but drool over the Testarossa and the 458 Italia that was there earlier in the day. The 118ti with the supercharged M3 engine was sick and wrong in so many ways... got to love it. Hint guys; never drag race a black 118ti unless you know it's stock...

I'm looking forward to the next one. I'll be just a week back from my 135i European Delivery (returning to St. Louis on the 15th) so hopefully should have some stories to tell and some pictures to share

And like all Starbucks the coffee's not so great... but the cars more than make up for the heartburn that stuff'll give me