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Originally Posted by Fidiman View Post
Hi all !

I'm a french driver of a 120d e82 I bought in December 2009 (but which was registered in February 2010).
My name is Pierre-Emmanuel (P-E is better and shorter :-P) and I'm 20 years old. So forgive me for my bad english .

It's my first car. At first time I wanted an hatch (I could choose the Audi A3 or the sporthatch 1-Serie, but here in France, you see too much A3 and now I dislike Audi too xD), but when I saw the coupe in a BMW dealer, I knew I wanted and I would have this !

It's a Titanuim silver coupe. I selected this color 'cause of my first car I drove (which was my parents' Mercedes C Class 270 Cdi) and I really loved. I have the chrome line too, but I meen it makes the car a bit too luxury that's why I gess if I couldn't change that, or tint the windows to make it more sporty.

I've 207m wheels and a kit of style 139 for the winter (I want to sell them and remplace the tires of the 207m for winters).

I've some nice options like the Professional iDrive, M sport package (I think it's a primary thing to have), PDC, Xenon lights, etc ...

It's been about a year since I have it and I think it's time for a few small changes ... !
I thought about :
- 269 Performance wheels (I wanted VMR wheels for a long time but it's really hard to import them in France with a really good price like in States )
- BMW Performance trunk spoiler
- BMW Performance pedals kit (I think I'm able to install this )
- engine tuning (approximately 220hp and 335lb-ft)
Hi, very nice car.

220hp and 335lb-ft fantasy
for 220 hp should be 3.25 bar boost pressure