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Originally Posted by Shoukin Kubi View Post
1. Do you need 90+ cars to get the full course?
2. It is a two day event how much track time do we get to drive full force?

Going to Eagles Canyon tomorrow, wanting to try out Cresson but I am not clear on what track time you get in a two day event for 300$. The version I've been told was one day classroom the second day some "spirited driving". What's your take on it?
"Spirited Driving" is how I drive to the grocery store. You will be able to take your car to it's adhesion limits at speed, and if you're not careful, you could exceed them.

There are classroom sessions after your scheduled track times. You will have four scheduled track times per day. 20 minutes per session, so you'll get 80 minutes on Saturday, and 80 minutes on Sunday.

You will not leave, and think to yourself that you didn't have enough time on track.

Here is a video of MSR's 1.7 in the clockwise direction.

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