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Originally Posted by ippykaye View Post
Hi guys,

Just to update this thread with my own info. I bought my extended warranty today (w/ 2 days to spare!) at Northshore BMW. Not sure if I got the lowest price, but there is definitely room to move from RRP of $3995. I basically kept throwing prices at different dealers, telling them to beat it and seemed to bottom out at the price below.

I opted for the BMW Factory Warranty (RRP $3995) extension rather than the Allianz equivalent, with no roadside and claim limits. The max you can get is 2 years with BMW Roadside Assist and for this, I paid $2400.80. Speak to David in Finance and he'll help you out. He told me to keep mum about the price but I'm all for sharing for the sake of others' benefit. Who knows, there may be more room to move on that price!

Some may argue it's too much for peace of mind and they're happy to wing it. I don't know the history of my car (2nd hand) so I was happy to pay for it.

Hope this helps fellas!

Great post. Looks like $2,400 is the mark for 24 months BMW extended warranty.
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