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Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

I received my Ebay Diffuser today! Oddly enough...the wait time is almost identical to scorpions....but the price was about $125 less...SHIPPED. Hmm Lets see.
Edit: By request, here he the link:

I wonder. Could this be the same product? It arrived in an oversized box, and was packed very well. Louie even liked the foam bag!

They even sent a Carbon Fiber iphone cover for some reason, lol.

Here are a few pics of the diffuser unwrapped before I installed it:

Uncanny the similarities to the scorpion...


Unbolt these using an 8mm socket.

Then pop the clips out on the top, they pull straight out:

Don't mind the bumper, to many nights in downtown manhattan.

Installation is just the reverse, the clips on my diffuser were pretty tight, so I kept all the bolts loose on the bottom before I had it lined it up. I was pretty skeptical of the fitment when I initially fitted it, but with some careful flexing of the diffuser, the bumper basicly conformed right to it, all the clips sat in place correctly and I tightened it down.

Note: on this model, you will have one extra bolt that you wont use, the new carbon piece has one less mounting point vs the stock plastic piece.


In conclusion, for the money, I don't believe you cant beat this. Enjoy!

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