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Originally Posted by HKG View Post
Hey Silvs I just got my side gills, any chance you could share some tips on how to get them out/put them in? I'd really appreciate it! Thanks
I think there are a few posts on how to do it. On your new ones, you should see 4 tabs on top, and 4 on the bottom. Those are essentially what hold the indicator in. Then there is a lip on the very leading front edge.

What you want to do is start near the rear, and compress the tabs, pulling out. The back end will start to come free a bit. Then need to start working on the tabs closer to the front. The piece will then slip back and out.

There is a wire connection held in place by a small clip. Using something small, gently pull the clip up while trying to remove the connection. You don't have to move the clip much to free it. It seems like it is easy to break, be careful.

Reverse the process to get them back in.