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Originally Posted by pinmagic View Post
I dunno. There are some aspects of this that don't sound great, like basically forcing you to use the same installer, if you want free shipping. But as for having you pay for a new one upfront, I'm not so sure that's so egregious. They may have your credit card number, and your address, but that does them pretty much no good whatsoever. They can't simply charge a credit card without authorization, even if someone walks away with the second hood.

The fact that they have your info makes it easier to find you, if they need to sue you, but that's time-consuming, expensive, and basically not a realistic option for a $1000 item, especially if you're not local to them.

I actually see an upside to how they handled this. They didn't require that you return the hood to them, so they could inspect it themselves. Most companies require that you return the item, AT YOUR EXPENSE, for a warranty claim. They could have required that, but they didn't.

So while it could have been handled better in some respects, I'm not so sure I share your outrage.
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I completely agree. This circumstance wasn't bad at all. Many other warranties would have required something paid 'out of pocket' on your end. Be it shipping or something else entirely.

I'd honestly be pretty happy with the warranty, imho.
I guess I was being optimistic in thinking that if my product has a manufacturing defect, that the manufacturer should take full responsibility and set me up with a new item, making it as hassle-free as possible. Instead, I had to constantly ask for updates, fight for my new hood, be forced to wait for months for it to actually arrive, and then pretty much "prove my innocence" in that I wouldn't resell anything, not even a little vent. KW will ship you a new coilover and let you send your busted one back, unless they want to try and repair your part. Alpine always ships out a replacement ballast or light first, then asks for the defective unit back.

Seibon was very unaccommodating. I had to wait several weeks after I originally sent pictures for them to verify that my clearcoat was indeed defective. Then another couple months for them to make a new batch of hoods (they promised about 2 weeks), then another week before the hood actually came. I had to not only destroy my old, already defective hood, but do it in a very convoluted way (slicing it up into at least 6 pieces, etc). Not everyone has the tools to do that, it costs money to get someone to do it for you. I already had to pay to get the old one uninstalled and the new one put on.. so now I'm hit with paying to get it destroyed "their way" and I don't have a choice as to where I can get it installed, either.

They didn't want to speak with me, so I had to bother Billy every time I wanted an update. I started my warranty claim process in late may, and if it wasn't for Irene I would have gotten the hood on late August, but had to wait until mid september due to hurricane related issues. The time it took to do everything probably aggravated me more than anything and is probably making me think all this other stuff is worse than it is, too.

I know not everyone has a warranty system like this, but for such a large, unwieldy item that I cannot drive my car without, I was expecting better.

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where is your stock hood in all of this?
Destroyed due to an accident

Year 1 of the 1