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Originally Posted by robertm View Post
What kind of numbers does the car pull bone stock?
Originally Posted by ///M1 View Post
More interested about the delta, hopefully you have a pre- vs. post- on same dyno. Thx
Originally Posted by RnmEvo9 View Post
What were the conditions and what kind of dyno?
+1 to all this

Dynojets are "notoriously optimistic" in the same way mustang dynos are "notoriously pessimistic" .. depends on who you're asking and what people want to believe

But i'm interested in that torque number. ~370 whp can be accomplished even with just a JB4. 460 ft lbs.. from an N54 engine. woah! I know the 1M has extra cooling capabilities, but I don't think anyone with a 135i/335i/335is has gotten to that without methanol.. we gotta know what the numbers were stock so we can compare the difference.

but it looks like a great tune considering this!

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