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Lotta iffy reviews on the 200. But I give Chrysler a lot of credit for keeping that thing going -- there's a lot to be said for reasonably-priced verts, and there just are never that many models to choose from.

I really love my 135i as a convertible. I had no idea it would be so quiet with the top up -- it's easily the quietest soft-top I've ever driven. You can actually hold a normal conversation at 80 mph, and at any lower speed it might as well be a coupe. Awesome. (I love the 3-series hard-top verts, but I'm glad they went softie with the 1er -- I use that trunk space!)

I'm sure there have been some more expensive softies in the past that were quieter, and I imagine the hard-top convertibles are even quieter still, but it's a lot quieter than the roadsters I've owned in the past (and my Solstice even had a headliner).
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