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Thanks. Nice info.

The point of my tuner was it need certain temperature of the intake air for the fuel to evaporate. But 1M has the direct injection so I am not sure about that theory.
Because after the intake air has entered to the cylinder, it will be compressed to 1/10 by the piston so that it should be hot enough for the fuel to evaporate.

As a side note, the compressed air will get hot by the law of physics.
Roughly 10 degrees C by 10kPa.

There are many other parameters such as heat from the engine and cooling by the radiator water and so on in the engine you might have to consider with the adiabatic heating by the turbo and inside the cylinder but here is a simplified graph of adiabatic heating.
x is the pressure in 100 kilo Pascal, y is the temperature in C.
When you compress 0 degrees C air to 20kPa, the air will be 20 degrees C (the blue line).

By observing the CAN data, 1M turbo is generating 20kPa at full boost thus the air going in to the engine is about 20 degrees C higher than the ambient temperature only by the adiabatic heating.