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Originally Posted by scaramanga View Post
Spoke to the UK distributor. V nice chap (Richard), but as you mention above, I'm cynical about their willingness to discount the systems.

Anyway, I'm not giving up yet so have agreed with Richard that I'll drop him a note with an idea of the number of potential orders that we could provide.

I suspect any discount is likely to be c.15-20% maximum.

Anyway, if anyone would be interested, please post on this thread and I'll accumulate into a single message.

I personally think I'd want the full system with the wireless/switchable option, but please state which alternative you're interested in.

As a reminder, RRP below:

Slip-on system: 2,615
Evolution: 4,342
Wireless kit: 615
Downpipe (stainless, catless): 615

Slip-on + evolution include carbon or titanium tips

All prices included VAT.
I would be interested in the full system if a deal can be struck, however will the car need remapping without cat?