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Question Questions concerning Akrapovic, winter wheels and more.

Hello there,

First of all, I'd just like to say that the search engine did not function properly when this was written, so I apologize for any double posts that might occur.

Well, I've recently acquired an 1M (what a great car btw) and are now looking for some upgrades and other parts. First off, I'd like to ask you if anybody has put winter tires (with spikes) on the stock rims? I've found tires (incl. spikes) in the stock measurement in the front, but only 255s to the back. Do you think 255's will fit the rear rims? It's hard to find rear tires wider than that, and I need spikes, which makes it even harder.

My other question concerns the Akrapovic exhaust. What's your opinion of it? I've been in contact with the agent for Akrapovic here in Sweden, and he some pretty interesting things to say about it, one being that BMW will start selling them through the dealers in the future, with kept engine warranty.

However, the price is sky high, and I don't know if it the product can justify the price (doesn't matter how extra-ordinairy it may be). What do you guys think? What would you buy? What I want is a power upgrade, not only sound, but I'd also like to hear some more of that engine. The exhaust needs to be really well made, since the stock exhaust is a great piece in the first place.