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Originally Posted by icabod7 View Post
Just read that post a couple of days ago:

Can someone, maybe Harold, let us know whether Orb's concern has been addressed in this newest iteration of Vorshlag camber plates?
That is an old thread. The fact is they cannot fix this unless they change the design. They know about the many problems and so does at least one race team who use to use their product. Anyone who is paying attention will realize the stack height is wrong and you will lose travel with a OEM spring or race springs. If you want to look the other way then by all means buy them.

Try Ground control at least it is well executed design and the stack heights are correct. KW camber plates are going to be the quiet since they do have isolation, some spring force line compensation and they are sealed.

Camber plates with no thrust bearing are best seen at the bottom of garbage can. This means TC Kline and the rest of the junk out there.