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Owner made Track video: Francorchamps Belgium

Hey all?
I just got to Francorchamps this week end and we only had a gopro to film with, and the battery was dead, we only recorded 2/4 runs.

First time with it on the track, be gentle with me...

some data: 03'05"01 is the best lap we achieved, we were driving in mdm. The ps2 melted big time. I'm looking for something more serious.

The MDM was useful most of the time except into a chicane (behind the black M3, passing with the CSL, you'll see) it really slows the car until your wheels are pointing straight.

in a high speed curve, (5k rpm in 3d) we felt the car skidding a little (half a second and the mdm took care of it. Not sure we would have saved it.

Anyways, I hope you'll like it. The song is Ratatat loud pipes remixed with mephis bleek.

Eat my dust ///::....