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Originally Posted by gazz View Post
Enjoy it Joe. It's definately a driver's car, with character aplenty. Have you discovered its' playful personality yet?
Without a doubt..Absolutely love it.. The overboost function M button is amazing.

Originally Posted by TimMc View Post
Awesome Joe!

I use the Castrol 10w60 in my N54 too, but I take mine to the track every now and again so this oil should protect it better at high loads, rpm & heat. When the car was newish it used a bit of oil. Doesn't appear to use any/much now. Not sure if it's because things are bedded in better (now at 22K) or because I run 10w60 instead of the 0w40 I used to run.
Thanks Tim.. Bit undecided whether to use that oil or swap it back at the service department.. Have had a mixed reply on using.

Originally Posted by alik01 View Post
Congrats Zuzu! Finally!

Really glad you're enjoying the little devil, does have such a fun personality! Please be careful.

I had a pretty hard break in too - all over the South Coast! 7700kms and no oil issues, nothing. Fingers crossed!

The oil is unfortunately no good. Our cars are supposed to have heat spike detector which shortens the next service reminder if it detects the oil hit temps that could damage it. I work on the indicated kms and halve it.

Correct oil is 5W30 LL04(1?). Being in the cooler climes I think 0W40 is probably better.
Thanks alik.. I wont be babying her during the breakin period..

Originally Posted by lavaletta View Post
Congratulations Joe! She looks kinda familiar to me...!
Thanks mate.. Another twin.

Tell you what..The dealer did such a great job detailing, that there is NOT ONE swirl mark in the paint..Looks hot in the sun...

Originally Posted by ianf2002 View Post
So Joe, doesn't need a tune then...sounds like it is powerful enough?

Will any N54 tune work...JB4, PROcede? Assume Dinan, Cobb won't as 1M has different maps to stock 135i??
Mate, I had all intentions of throwing a tune in ASAP, but have decided against at the moment... The cars power output/delivery ( M activated ) is amazing,

Originally Posted by aus135i View Post
nice Joe!! i think i saw u around 11am outside top ryde yesterday!!! coz i was like Omg vo 1M!!! but i was on the other side of the road...gratzzz!!!
Hi Tim.Thanks mate. na wasnt me.. Didnt pick up the car until 1.30pm then went back to work..