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Originally Posted by ESC OFF View Post
Jason: Do you have any infomation on power gains for the Remus system that you could post? Much appreciated.
I contacted Remus regarding this, and because this is a completely new system for a brand new car, they do not have hard numbers or dynos at the moment.
However this is the information they provided me with, so hopefully it helps out:

Power wise, we don’t have a credible dyno comparison on the newer 1M’s as of yet. But extrapolating from the dyno information and anecdotal information we do have, we are confident these new
“Titanium2’s” and “Sports Labels” will net somewhere between 3 – 8% gains in H.P. and torque. Perhaps we will see this, around the time these systems become available as REMUS has an audio
correct dyno test cell at their factory that is the envy of every exhaust manufacturer. Depending upon how long they can keep their R & D car is what determines whether we get a dyno comparison from
them or not.

From all over the performance spectrum, here are a few results from the REMUS dyno: A BMW E92 M3 sees a 2% boost in top end (10 H.P.); a VW GTI V 2.0L Turbo sees a whopping 7 – 10% across a broad
range of mid range R.P.M. (7 H.P. at the 3500 range, 18 H.P. at the 5500 range); a Porsche Carrera S sees a 7% gain (20 H.P. increase in the 5500 R.P.M. range); a BMW Z4M sees a 3% boost in peak
R.P.M. (9 H.P.) an Audi A5 Turbo Diesel sees a 2.5% boost in lower mid range (9 H.P). All of the above dyno results have been published in over 50,000 REMUS print catalogs worldwide, as well as
REMUS’ web site.

Based on that knowledge, we’d say the the 1M will see similar % gain results as the VW Turbo above. Turbo’s benefit from free flow exhaust more-so than do N.A. cars. Since it is likely REMUS builds
the O.E.M. system (we think – but we will likely never know for certain) it may not be quite as dramatic. But, if mounting the RT’s (Racing Tubes), the results could end up even better. If anyone has credible
before and after dyno results on a REMUS mounted on the 335i, those results will be comparable.
Let me know if you have any more questions.

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