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Oil Cooler

I have been looking at one of the additional oil coolers but they seem extortionately expensive

I was wondering if anyone has had a custom oil cooler added to their car. I was thinking that the easiest way would be to add one in front of the radiator, yes I appreciate this will raise water temps, but if we were to run it in line after the stock oil cooler then the temps would be a bit lower to start with and there would be no cutting etc of the stock unit, brake ducts and the like.

For my mind all we need (just remember I think everything is simple) is

oil cooler core
mounting bracket/s
oil line

we could relocate the oil line coming out of the stock cooler into the additional cooler and the outlet from the additional cooler into the stock pump.

Like I said sounds simple but the AR/ER folk are after 7-8 hundred so I suspect I am missing something, or are they charging BMW tax?

Perhaps Pete/Advan might be interested in having a look