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Originally Posted by pcockley View Post
I have been looking at one of the additional oil coolers but they seem extortionately expensive

I was wondering if anyone has had a custom oil cooler added to their car. I was thinking that the easiest way would be to add one in front of the radiator, yes I appreciate this will raise water temps, but if we were to run it in line after the stock oil cooler then the temps would be a bit lower to start with and there would be no cutting etc of the stock unit, brake ducts and the like.

For my mind all we need (just remember I think everything is simple) is

oil cooler core
mounting bracket/s
oil line

we could relocate the oil line coming out of the stock cooler into the additional cooler and the outlet from the additional cooler into the stock pump.

Like I said sounds simple but the AR/ER folk are after 7-8 hundred so I suspect I am missing something, or are they charging BMW tax?

Perhaps Pete/Advan might be interested in having a look
Hey mate,

I am quite certain Pete would be able to fab up a custom oil cooler kit for you.

However there are a couple of things to note.

That being that the OE oil cooler is somewhat ineffecient, it is however located in the best position for optimally reducing oil temperatures at "speed".

As such I would be inclined to toss the stock unit and mount an upgraded "Setrab" core in the OE location.

Secondly the OE oil cooler thermostat also needs to be replaced.

It does not fully open to almost 115 degrees Celsius, where as the aftermarket thermostat I installed begins to open at 82 degrees Celsius and is fully open by approximately 93.

When tracking your car your goal should be to prevent the oil temp from rising too high, not just keeping it in check when it is already in excess of 120 degrees Celsius.



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