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Originally Posted by pcockley View Post
I was thinking just that, where do you get a new thermostat
I do not recall the brand of the thermostat, that was supplied with the Stett Stage 2 oil cooler kit I am running.

However I am sure I have documentation on it somewhere at home.

I found two versions on a UK website, the 180 degree Fahrenheit unit and a 210 version.

I will dig up the info for you guys.

The cheap option would be to install a 180 (82 degree Celsius) thermostat and modify the OE thermostat housing so it is always open.

However you are still left with the OE oil cooler, which is tiny in comparison to the Setrab core I am running.

The thermostat mod will certainly give the OE oil cooler a head start, but eventually the inefficency of the stock cooler will see oil temperatures rise quickly if you continue to push the car.

The best setup would utilise the same core and thermostat I am running, in conjuction with an OE thermostat mod or bypass.

I will have a chat to Pete and see if he would be interested in coming up with a solution that includes the above, plus the necessary oil lines, fittings and mounting hardware.

However guys please bear in mind Pete is running a business, not a charity.

As such it cannot cost a dollar twenty five.

If he was to engineer and fab' up a kit, it will most certainly be of the highest quality and the fitment would be every bit OE like, with appearance befitting that of a BMW.

There is always a cheap way of doing something, but unfortunately it is rarely the best way.
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