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Cheap alternative to fog lamp lego mod or buying a euro switch

This is very cheap DIY for accessing the fog lamp feature on anyone's US specification 1series that has the adaptive braking light feature where the brakes light up brighter when jamming on the brakes. This so happens to also be the fog lamp bulb so this DIY will enable you to have fog lamps whenever you need them without buying anything new.

To get the switch off and into your hands, follow AndyM's great tutorial at:

So wanna know what I did?

First the backstory...I bought a euro headlight switch for my 135 so I could use the fog lamps if needed. I had it installed for over a year. When I bought my 1M, I started transferring mods to it from the 135. When I got to my expensive fog lamp switch, I went ahead and tore apart both switches and built a euro switch for my US spec 1M. See other thread on 1M conversion.

As I was doing all this, I noticed that 95% of the parts were the same...the only real difference is the euro switch actually had depress-able switches and the US spec switch was locked...meaning I couldn't depress anything. Internally everything looked what was locking it I thought...

Look at the photos and you'll see some plastic tangs, kind of like what you'd find on a sheet of plastic car model I cut these plastic tangs off and now I have fog lamps on both my cars. There is also one tang hidden between the top switch and bottom switch that I pried off with a small screwdriver...that's it!

So this is an alternative to purchasing a euro headlamp switch for $75-130.

Questions just PM me.

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