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Originally Posted by beemer View Post
not if it takes even a bees dick of throttle response out of it, i really learned how inportant that was yesterday, if you cant feather the throttle while on the limit with the back wheels just hanging on then there is no fun in it. with a jb4 there is virtually no throttle control, its on or off, makes yor car un driveable in the wet at speed, unless your vettle or some kind of track god

jb4 on a 1m would be like tomato sauce on caviar
Agree about loss of throttle control with a tune, you're just not sure where the power will kick in. My 335 was tuned and the extra power was great but it made a bit of a lottery out of cornering on the throttle. If I was smooth with the throttle the power would inevitably arrive too late and if was agressive it would some point.....but spin up the inside wheel and squirm all over the place making for an untidy episode. Admitedly it didn't help at all that it was an auto, however in stock form, i.e. without the tune, it was far more responsive.

Drag racing is different. I'm not a drag racer but I imagine that it doesn't matter about a sudden power surge at some point in the rev range as long as you have traction and stability with it.