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Originally Posted by BMW86 View Post
Interesting comments in this thread. Some of you guys really need to experience a tune, you are really missing out on somethign special. And before you say the power delivery of the 1M is so smooth check out some of the power curves of tuned N54's first. It's quite epic.

I'm not going to lie, my 135i feels slow on stock map (190-195kw) and Map 1 (235kw). Map 2 (249kw) feels like the perfect 'minimum' level for me. The 1M dynos at 220kw... When you line the 2 cars up side by side then you'll see what it's all about... seeing is believing

On the track, it's another story. I'm going out to QR and will most likely use Map 2 or my Meth maps but at Lakeside I will probably tone it down to Map 1 power because that track is all about the handling and corners.

IMHO, all a 1M needs is some kind of tune - especially since it's so easy, otherwise it's a great out of the box. Do it, it's the best few hundred bucks you will ever spend.
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not if it takes even a bees dick of throttle response out of it, i really learned how inportant that was yesterday, if you cant feather the throttle while on the limit with the back wheels just hanging on then there is no fun in it. with a jb4 there is virtually no throttle control, its on or off, makes yor car un driveable in the wet at speed, unless your vettle or some kind of track god

jb4 on a 1m would be like tomato sauce on caviar
As I stated in my post above, the extra power is not necessary on all tracks but it's nice to have that power every other day you're not tracking your car, which I assume is at least 355+ days a year. I suggest you take some time to research the piggyback options like JB4/Procede as they allow you toggle through different maps by pressing a couple buttons on your steering wheel. If the extra power is too much you can switch back to stock within seconds on the fly. I can even change my meth additive on the fly
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