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Originally Posted by M3 Adjuster View Post
What Red and weekender said.. and of course.. this is another post that could have benefitd from a simple SEARCH.

Sorry to disagree mention a 50 degree hub temp... not sure what that refers to... anyone baking their hubs along with the wheels?

At any rate.. there is an EIGHT HUNDRED degree difference in temps between max temp for powdercoating ( 375-400) and the actual MELTING point of aluminum alloy (1100+ degrees). That is a TON of headroom.

I am sure that it's easy to find people that will recommend one be conservative and NOT powdercoat a wheel... but the math speaks volumes to me... of course... I'm an engineering flunkie. But it seems this is not an engineer's baliliwick anyway... what we need are some chemists and physicsts..
No problem on the disagreement, it really is a tempest in a bottle. Red brought up powdercoating the //M wheels. I said as plain as I could that it is probably fine but people that powder coat wheels put them in an oven and take into account the temperature. Many places just put them in a big oven with one high temperature for many metals. The M wheels as is the basecoat on our BBS wheels is powdercoated by the people tha make them and know the properties of the wheel.

So what I am saying is be informed. BBS recommend this temp for this duration so ask questions. Personally I prefer to just wet paint because I have had great luck with wet paint and I don't have to worry about it.

Finally, metal does not have to melt to fatigue or alter its brittleness/maleability. I have never said it would melt the wheel so the 1100 degrees is irrelevant. Metal changes before then. For example aluminum heads will warp before they melt.

So disagreement is noted but it's not as large as it sounds.

So peace to everyone!