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Today's special is TWO must haves in your collection.

Gallon Detail Addict - Detail Spray plus Gallon Detail Addict - Car Soap

Always carry DetailAddict's Detail Spray in your car, it comes handy to remove tree saps, bird drops, water stains from sprinkler...etc. It's like our body needs water, your car needs detail spray to maintain its shine at all time.

Remember to use the PROMO code : bimmerpost_17 for 17% off Discount.

Warming: Product works best when the contamination is still fresh. Do not wipe with detail spray when there are lots of dust on the car paint! A Car Wash is needed 1st!
Tips: Keep Detail Spray handy with MF towel!

**Shipping fee applies on the actual shipping cost, however will be equal or less than advertised.