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Originally Posted by ChrisBuer View Post
I think to be honest, it depends on how far you'd be willing to go if you had a warranty problem. For example, my old Golf R32 had an engine oil starvation issue. The car had a Milltek exhaust which couldn't have caused the problem. The failure was actually due to a faulty oil pump. VW replaced my entire engine without any issues because they could not prove that my exhaust had caused my oil pump to fail. I'm pretty sure there was some change recently to EU legislation on things like warranty claims anyway, but I'll have to dig out what I had on it.

Personally speaking, I'd go no further than remapping and adding an exhaust to the 1M. To be honest, the car is so fast now that I'd probably not even bother with an exhaust (I think the stock system actually sounds very good). My remap is mild and when I spoke to DMS, they told me that I could go further, but at the expense of reliability and longevity.

I've spoken to a lot of people who have covered over 35,000 miles with DMS remapped cars and none of them have ever had any problems. Also, DMS did say that a couple of their customers had routine warranty work carried out (nothing to do with the remap) and have never had any issues with the dealer detecting the remap.

If I had a warranty claim and if my dealer searched, found and blamed it on my remap when clearly it had had no impact, I would ask them to put it in writing (which of course they would never do). For example, if the seat runner in my car was faulty, I'd not expect them to blame the remap!
And further to your comments Chris, I very much doubt that anyone that drove a remapped 1M from a dealer would know it had been remapped - I mean what are the chances of them having driven another 1M previously? Very slim I'd say and there is no visual indication (i.e. no boost gauge) that will make it obvious to a driver and the maps have not been detected for warranty claims previously. And if you did have a problem then they would just come out and load up your old map again.