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Originally Posted by Ihave1 View Post

I will try to take a picture tonight but this image may describe it. See how part 8 and 9 have a little notch or lip that looks like would perfectly match up with the end up the spring? The tip of the spring coil can nestle right in there. Logically this seems to be the correct way to assemble but I have read elsewhere that the end of the spring should not be touching that notch and instead should be rotated 90deg away from it.
Totally get what you are saying... Because under compression it may just push it up against that notch that looks like it's for the end of the spring. Maybe a soft pad or material in the notch would allow you to do it without a noise if that's actually the issue? If it's only coming from one corner though and you think this may be the issue you should check the corner making the noise along with the other side to see if the spring is rotated away from the notch or not.