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Originally Posted by jbenington86 View Post
I took mine to the dealer and told them my engine had a bad ticking noise and said I did some research and stated it could be the valves need changed due to a defective part. They took my keys let the car sit till the next morning started it up and it ticked like crazy so they then replaced them that day no questions asked and no hassle. You should of asked him what engine was in the 128 and what engine was in the 328. Then go get someone in the dealer that actually knows to tell him what they have.

I love my dealer TISCHER BMW FTW!
Oh believe me, I mentioned at least twice that it's a known problem with the N51/N52 and that there's a TSB about it. I also offered to pull up the TSB on my phone for his reference. I also explained to him that my dad is a retired Porsche Master Technician (35 years) and so I have a fair amount of secondhand mechanical knowledge. I also mentioned that I have owned many older VWs and am VERY familiar with what tapping valves sound like because of it. I also explained that I have owned direct-injected cars before, as well as diesels, and so I'm familiar with what loud fuel injectors sound like. He really didn't like me alluding to knowing more about the car than he does.

Anyway, his solution was for me to come back when the shop foreman was working and let him listen to the noise and make a determination. Guess what days/times the shop foreman works? M-f, 9-5. Guess when I work? M-F, 6-6. Not to mention, to really hear the ticking the car needs to sit after a cold start. Grrrrrrr