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Thumbs up JBSPEED E82 Carbon Fiber Spoiler Review!(Updated with install pics)

Edit2: Here are some final installation pictures. It has been raining all week so sorry no outside pics. Also, I have fingerprints all over my spoiler from when I installed it. I should clean it soon.

Side Shot:


From the top and side it seems fine

but I think I messed up on installing it. It is very sturdy so right now I am not going to change anything, but you can see some tape left over. I should have installed it sideways then downwards, instead I just kinda placed it x_x.

Edit: Added installation instructions. go down to the bottom to see : )

Note*: I have not installed it yet. All these pictures are from when I just placed it on the car. Since its my christmas present I have to wait until then : <.

The Good:

Price: Was 175$ when I bought it. The lowest price I have ever been able to find for the E82 carbon fiber spoiler.

Packaging: Was not damaged at all. The spoiler was wrapped in soft wrapping. Then it was enclosed in plastic, and finally put inside a smaller box then a larger one.

Super Fast Shipping: Seeing how this company is based in Taiwan, I bought it on a Sunday, was processed on Monday, and at my door 4 days later. It was originally scheduled to arrive the next week on Monday, but to my surprise it came super early(Friday)!!

Fitment: Fitment is perfect. While I have not installed it in my car yet, I just "layed it on top" and it was completely flush except for in the middle there is a < 1 mm gap. Once the tape is on, it will be on perfectttt : ). Amazing fitment. Comes with 3M tape on it already

In the pictures, I just placed the spoiler on my trunk. It was not attached yet it was flush .

Size: It is the same size as OEM performance BMW spoiler. Looks exactly the same as it. Nothing different.

Weight: Very light weight. Although this is not the newer dry vacuum carbon fiber spoiler, it literally weighs nothing. I can carry it with 1 finger.

The Good/Bad xD

The "normal" part of the spoiler, very good quality.

Quality: This is where it is a bit fishy. I originally asked them for pictures of their product. They told me they had none. I decided to order it anyways, and lo and behold, as soon as I ordered it, they were able to take pictures the next day. I am pretty sure in the pictures that is my spoiler xD. Not that it really matters. I guess I am the guinnea pig

Anyways, the quality is weird. I have never seen this problem before, even though they told me it is normal for carbon fiber products. The part where the spoiler attaches to the body has small defects(holes) from imperfections in the weave. It seems like the layer is single and thin that light can go through. It is only where the spoiler ATTACHES to the body. As you can see in the picture, it only occurs in a small portion(the right side). The actual spoiler itself is unaffected by this defect.

Under Light:

Under normal indoors:

The rest of the spoiler is almost perfect. It has multiple layers so the issue does not exist. I am no expert, but the weave looks great to me. It is very glossy and light.

The holes CANNOT be seen once the spoiler is on the car. You can only see them if you hold it in your hand and place it against the light.

Also, even though I am calling them holes, they are not really holes. You cannot feel them in any way. The surface is completely smooth and clean.

Once placed on the car, the holes disappear : )

Overall: I give this product a 4/5. Obviously, for the price, one does not expect the perfection of the OEM BMW CF Spoiler. However, for the price, you get exceptionally fast and good customer service. They were always friendly and responded to me PM at all times during the day.

Only small issue I had was with the holes, but they offered me a refund and were nice about it. I declined, because as I said, it cannot be seen once in the car. You can't even really see it in person. I only saw it because it was such a bright day and I held it against the window.

if you have any questions lemme know.

Thread where I bought it.

EDIT: Installation

Okay, finally got time to install it. I followed the instructions from this guy

Step 1: Wash car

Step 2: Use alcohol to clean any debris/the clear coat to allow bonding.

Step 3: Heat the tape/car using your sisters blow dryer. It shouldn't take long at all. This is my first time blow drying something

Step 4: Attach spoiler. Be very careful as it is very sticky. Have a friend help you. I tried to do it by myself and it was a bit crooked so I quickly removed it and re attached it. Fit is amazing.

I used painters tape to hold it down. The corners do not stick up at all but I decided to tape it anywho like the guy did in his tutorial.

I was also too lazy to push it down so I just placed some coke cans to give it pressure. I did not put the coke down on the spoiler itself!! I just placed them where the spoiler is FLAT with the surface.

Right Side Spot on Great Fitment:

Left Side Spot on Great Fitment:

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