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Exclamation UPDATED: Interested in Ohlins for 1M? This is an Ohlin's R&D related thread.

Tomorrow I'm making a trip to visit my good friends at Ohlins USA in Henderson, NC. I've used Ohlins on the last two track prepared motorcycles (with full TTX setups; one on a 2K7 1K GSX-R and the other on a 2006 CBR 1K-RR). I can't rave more about the quality and the staff at Ohlins USA. I've had a close working relationship with Mike F. and his team for the past 6-7 years ("thermosman"; for those that know the industry). Now, I'm working with Jeff B. and we're collaborating to bring a fully adjustable 1M suspension to market. No retro-fits from other cars. Just a straight, fully R&D'ed 1M suspension.

I've seen posts from others mentioning installed or advertised Ohlins setups, knowing full well that they are in-shop retro-fitted systems and not directly from Ohlins USA, specifically designed for the 1M. I've been talking with Jeff about this effort since the end of July. Tomorrow we're going to disassemble the 1M suspension, take pictures, measurements etc. I'll post some of these pictures tomorrow. In a month or so, (probably looking at beginning of February, because shaker rig time is critical in January) I will go back to Hendersonville after everything is properly machined, and they will do all the R&D on the newly installed suspension. I should be able to put up some additional data after we put the car on a shaker rig and have some firm numbers. Just in time for next year's track season!

I'm excited to be a part of this, and I'm happy to share this good news. If you have any questions that you want me to ask them tomorrow, please post them up. Some, I may be able to answer sooner. Otherwise if you're interested in suspension options, subscribe to this thread, and look for updates coming soon.

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