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Originally Posted by Ihave1 View Post
Unfortunately the clunk is back, but not as loud. When I get the time I'm going to put some thrust bearings on the lower perches and replace the upper strut mounts. I think it may be the bearing in the upper mount that is loose and shrinks down when it's cooler outside causing the noise. Maybe I will upgrade to Vorshlag camber plates if I can get a good deal. I have a video of the clunk sound from inside the car I will try to post later.
Sorry to hear that mate. You've done a good job hunting this thing down via the process of elimination so far. Been there, done that...

Not to be a negative nancy here, but in my experience I think that if you start making modifications to a car, especially to suspension components, that you will have to live with certain noises to some degree. Every car I have seen with aftermarket suspension pieces, despite the quality of the pieces, made sounds. German cars, Japanese cars or whatever.... They all did. My friends old 350Z sounded like a 17th century naval ship. My old STi with just a simple setup (Stock springs/struts with front and rear sway bars, endlinks and camber bolts) made a fair bit of noise.

That being said, what are you using for strut tops?