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Originally Posted by alexc93 View Post
congrats guys! i know i couldn't wait either

and just a heads up! --- there is a DIY on the polarized sunglasses for the screen on the diy section. super easy to do

I did see the other thread with the fix using a transparency sheet to fix the issue, so I just have to find that and give it a whirl. All in all, a minor detail. I don't really look down at that display while driving, and while stopped it's easy to lift the shades.

Since this is an ordering thread I have to also say this process was interesting. Every other car I've had I have essentially bought off the lot. This is the first time ordering a car with exactly the options I wanted. The tracking page on the BMW site was a mixed blessing. It was cool to see where it was at, but the anticipation at each step is a killer. I also had to call the salesman since it appears not all options you selected will appear when they first post the car up. I guess they throw on the "convenience" options toward the end when they actually start putting those on.

I was pretty happy, though, when they called to say the car was actually at my dealership. If I get something else in the future I might seriously consider the German pickup option I've read about since it would be cool to drive around Europe a bit before handing it over to get it shipped back here.