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Originally Posted by sergeremi View Post
Ok, so since it seems like the transmission fluid is not being changed as a part of the US scheduled 1200 run-in service is there a write up somewhere that explains how we can do the transmission oil change ourselves?

WOLFE's DIY thread I think is best. That is why I posted my photos in his thread, even though he has a 128i and I have a 135i. It is all the same really on any 1er.

See page four, post #70 for my pics... also on the first page, Wolfe's pics of his oil filter all torn apart is proof enough to change your oil often when the engine is still new. That is why I changed my oil and filter four times (at 1,200, 2,400, 5K, 10K) before its first BMW service at 15K miles.

DIY: manual transmission and diff fluid change