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Originally Posted by Snertz View Post
Sub'd, can't wait to see what they come up with Do you know if this is going to be for a TTX setup or something else?

Ps. I still need to edit those vids from our PCD , been running a bit behind -.-
Ha! Only a little late!!

Yes and no. A racing team in Canada is already looking for information gathered from the vehicle dynamic simulation testing, and plans on running a full (or like) TTX setup (you can read more about this HERE). Keep in mind though, the TTX is considered a race-only system (meaning anual maintenance, very stiff, track only). It would be a waste to use for the street, honestly. Personally, I'm looking for a road/track setup...something that's quickly and easily adjustable. The VDS will provide information that can be applied to any setup.

You can have them develop forged magnesium setups, if you really want the one's below. You just have to have the bankroll to support it, and they'll do whatever you want with the information already gathered from our testing sessions. Below are some good examples of what you "could" buy...with the right amount.

From left to right: The one one the far left is only $15,000 each and will fit an Audi R8 LMS race car (4-way adjustable 30mm). The one if the middle is magnesium forged, and costs nearly 25k. I don't remember what it's too, but it also is a 30mm, but only 2-way adjustable. Remarkably, (esp considering it's size) the one on the far right is a 25mm 4-way adjustable and is used for an Indy race team. It costs around $30k (but they only use 3 of i guess that's a little easier on the wallet ).