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1-series 3-door window problem

Hi all,

My first post on here, but hopefully someone will have some ideas about the problem I have with the electric window on my 118d 3-door (2007.)

Last year the window stuck up and dealer repaired it, but on the first cold day this year it has failed again.

However, I don't have the anti-trap warning on. When operating the window switch, regardless of direction, I get a 'double-click' from a relay in the driver's footwell kick-panel. It is the same noise the other window relay makes if it is full up, and tou operate the swicth in the up direction. So I guess the window thinks it has reached its maximum travel in both directions. The procedure of holding the swicth down for 10 secs, then up for 10 secs has no effect.

I have removed the motor from the regulator, and the regulator itself is free to move up and down with no broken wires etc. The motor does not even try and turn, no noise etc. If I meter between the two large-guage feeds in the wiring plug to the motor, I get a quick flash of battery voltage, immediately dropping to 0v, when I operate the switch in either direction. With the motor disconnected, the relay still does it's 'double-click' in both directions.

Has anyone got any idea what might be causing this? I'm considering swapping the motor out of the good door into the bad one to see if it is the motor itself at fault- it just worries me that the realy behaves the same regardless of wether the motor is connected or not. I also tried disconnecting the wiring to the door lock in case the handles sensor was at fault. No change. Are there any other sensors in the door, or anything else I can try?