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Carbon mirrors look lovely and complement the black side markers, the black front grille and the carbon wing in a superb way. Black and white contrast details make it excellent. So don't agree with former speaker at all.

I personally love the way the original wheels look. Black wheels are not good looking. Spending money to just do them little darker is not worth it at all and the risk you get a bad job plus easier to scratch/harder to repair if not done by an expert. The original rims looks stellar as is on AW 1M!

My opinion in the matter is that the only other cosmetic change I would do would be carbon mirrors. Nothing more. Carbon fake roofs or black roof looks "need for speed".

The only reason I would do anything else on this car than the above would be for pure track day reasons. But that is quite expensive mods. Cage, real race chairs (not the ones that look race but are dangerous), square race wheels etc. But if the car is not for track days skip it!

BMW performance mods feels original with excellent quality.

Its a thin line between lovely mods that feel OEM and the 135i need for speed look!