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Originally Posted by Mahlzeit View Post
Have you seriously NOT hit the M or DSC buttons in 1200 miles?

Why oh why would you do that to yourself. (this is not a question) I think you'll kick yourself for not doing it sooner. Hitting both buttons is standard preflight procedure. For the love of GOD due yourself a favor.
lol, i'm the same way. I get my run-in service done this morning. Then I too will be partaking in the M button and MDM. Just thought it'd be too tempting to do during the break in. Eh, whatevs.

OMG, I'm 28 miles past 1200 and I haven't had the run-in service! Is my car broken now? Actually, when I pulled into the service bay, I hit 1240 on the dot. Following the rules to the the letter!

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