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Originally Posted by Em/1 View Post
That would be LT-2, used in M3 manuals for some time. My guy made the same mistake since BMW sent notice not to replace the trans fluid, which many of the service departments missed; then they just put in what they were used to in "M cars" since never got the bulletin to switch to LT-5 (why should they if not changing? BMW NA logic). My NEW dealer, Patrick in Schaumberg, IL, had no problem getting the right stuff in the 3 days after he told me that I was right about the fluid, and they didn't charge me on the assumption that BMW will pay for it...
Thanks for the quick response. I looked up my 1200 service from M3 and it was the same fluid they put in the 1M. Looks like I'll be back at the dealer next week for the proper fluid.