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So I took mine apart and everyting looks exactly like your picture, but you still need to fabricate a piece from the button to the contacts. The white pieces in your picture doesn't show that piece. You still need the Lego from what I can tell.

By the way, there are 4 tabs that need to be removed. Two are on the bottom, and two are on the top. I could only cut off the top left tab by removing the button. You can easily remove the button by pushing the tabs out with a small flat head screwdriver while you pull the button with your thumb nail. You can see where it catches because there are two square holes on the inside of the white part.

Update: This is for a 2010 135i (09/09) The fabricated piece needs to be exactly 1-1/4" long. The contact pad needs to be about 5/8" wide and 1" long, but I did trim this to fit. I did not use the bottom part of the Lego, but used a piece a plastic from a vinyl siding sample and drilled a 3/16" hole in it. The nob on the Lego fits into this hole perfectly. I put it all together and the tactile feel of the button is perfect. Oh and the fogs now work too.

Thanks Rikx1M

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