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Looking to lease 128i

I'm looking to buy a 128i coupe. Basically, I want a stripper with only xenon lights. MSRP is $32,825. For a 36 month lease, with $1800 down, they are asking for $380 per month. This is with tax and everything included. How good of a deal is this?

I'm also comparing this to a Mazda3. They aren't comparable, but the Mazda is also a fun car and gets an amazing 40 MPG. When I test drove the manual transmission on the Mazda, the short throw and affirmative notchiness was amazing; couple that with weighing only 2800 lbs. means that the Mazda can be a great autocross/DE car. I haven't driven a manual E82 as no BMW dealer will stock one! How good of a transmission does the E82 have?

This will be my first manual transmission car. I do plan on doing autocross with it but don't plan on being competitive. I will also do another Tire Rack Street Survival with whatever car I choose. I really just want a driver oriented car.