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This will be 100% a lease and there is no way we were buying the car after; residual is at 64% for this car!

The current X5 I drive has halogens and I am working on a bi-xenon projector retrofit because the output is so bad. My mother's X6 has xenons and even though they aren't that great, they are miles better than the X5. My father's E46, which the E82 will be replacing, has halogens and while they are better than the X5's lights, they are still not good enough.

I need a manual transmission. That is why a E90 is out of the question. I also don't care for the M package besides the sport suspension, but I felt that the stock suspension was stiff enough since I am coming from a E53 X5 and occasionally drive a E46. Sounds good that the E82's transmission is decent.

Now, is $380 a month a decent price?