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Originally Posted by Rakony View Post
Dear Biglare,

Can you please elaborate more on the ESS DirectFlash Stage I you have on your 1M.

I just got my 1M and i am interested to purchase the ESS ECU application. They promised: 400 HP and 550 NM of Torque. (thats on the flywheel not the Rear Wheels right ? )

how easy is the ESS DirectFlash to download tuned software ?

How is the Fuel efficiency now in your 1M ?

Having engaged the overboost all the time (550Nm) wouldn’t that cause damage to the engine ?

Sorry for those many Qs , i am just excited about tuning my 1M.

Did you try to install a bigger intercooler and turbo downpipe ? or a cold air intake system ?

Best regards,

Great questions. Any response from Biglare?
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