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LOL everything this guy has said has been total bull shit. I brought my car up 1.5 years ago, paid nothing to BMW to do so and it has had some major warranty work done on a couple of occasions.

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Nah, I just came back from the dealer just now and I asked again. My buddy is a serice tech he said they can tell you didn't go through BMW Canada because

1.) It shows up on their computer when you go in indicating that US warranty is not honoured in Canada without cdn modifications + recall letter + cluster swap

2.) When the tech plugs into your car it will show that your vehicle is a U.S car because it hasn't been programmed in Canada specs (didn't quite understand, but when u go thru bmw canada they program your vehicle for cdn spec).

So yeah the warranty is not covered in canada unless u pay the big bucks, which isn't worth it IMO.

Lucikly my warranty is honored