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Dackel, if you already didn't buy the Alpins, let me tell you from my personal experience that they are the best tires I have ever used in terms of transforming a car to the better. I have been driving a Peugeot 308 CC 1.6 THP Feline when I was in Turkey for two years and it is a one heavy and bad handling car (but fun in other dimensions). So, I immediately sold original Conti's which were horrible to say the least and put the Pilot Alpin 3's (winter was approaching) and boy, they were quiter, smoother than those summer Conti's and gripping like crazy with a perfect balance. I did not want the winter to end! Then when winter finally ended, as usual, and I had to buy a summer set and went with the brand new PS3s and it was practically the same story. This time differences were smaller because Pilot Alpins were already that good. I have to say I felt like the Alpins were even better than the PS3, at least on my car under those circumstances. My guess the PS3s are not that good with heavy cars driven fast at outside temperatures over 30-35 Celsius.

Now, with the 1M in Chile, I was quite surprised how well behaving the OE PS2s but I bought a second set of tires to be on the safe side, this time PSS. You can follow my first impressions there in the 1M forum, in the relevant section for tires and wheels.

There is no way going wrong with Michelins, that is my experience with different cars, climates and roads during the last 3-4 years.