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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
...There is no way going wrong with Michelins, that is my experience with different cars, climates and roads during the last 3-4 years.

Thanks Ozinaldo. Yes, I have been following your PSS thread in the 1M forum. I agree with you totally! I am really impressed with Michelin tires. And they spin less then the OE tires. PSS are supposed to be better in every way over PS2's.

My rear PS3's tires are almost wornout. This summer I drove about 30K+ kms. In the Spring I will buy two rear PSS 255's to replace the worn out PS3's. The fronts are still fine 6mm's. The rear PS3's still have 3mm of thread... but anything under 4mm is not safe to drive on - on the German autobahns. You never know when you get hit by a flash rain storm or aquaplaning, Its best to have fresh rubber. Even though bare minimum is 1.2mm I believe.

For my winter setup I have 205/55HR17 Goodyear RFT tires. Those were the tires that came frm BMW's dealer winter set. Next year I will probably switch over to Michelin Alpins - bc I am now sold on Michs.