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Originally Posted by woosh View Post
Taka!!! Now that you've driven the 1M a little more... how does the chassis/suspension of the 1m compare to the RX8?
hmmm I have given some thought into it. comparing the 135/8/1M

it is very hard to explain: they are different cars. Now that I put road tyres on the 8 and driven both back to back. I still remember the 135 was like pushing hard.

the 8 is modded so it has a flatter and firmer ride. I have to put the 8's suspension to full soft to get the comfort of the 1M .

steering of the M is heavier than 135 and way more than the 8 but I feel the 8 is more connected and responsive car. Stock RX8 is very easy to start turning but the M I need to think a bit more what I do.

I yet to put full weight on the car while braking (ie have not race the car yet). but I found something interesting about the 1M. In full on braking, the RX8 rear feel floated, very floated and if you start turning under braking you will fade brake the car and the rear will come out. Or if you are still overspeed then you will get massive under steer and go wide in a corner. In that department, the 1M is more stable and more predictable - I yet to put it on the track like Winton so I have to reserve this a bit. Early signs is the 1M is good for time attack out of the box. No need to get rhythm on the track and just go and set a PB!
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