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Originally Posted by Texas F1 View Post
I have some dyno results now after swapping the cat-back system. With the stock tune (prior to the AccessPORT), the car made 294 WHP (max), 381 ft-lb (max), at 13.95 PSI. With the AccessPORT stage 1 tune, max horsepower increased to 308 WHP, torque was 429 ft-lb (max), at 18.69 PSI. With the addition today of the Eisenmann race cat-back exhaust, figures were 324 WHP (max), 410 ft-lb (max), at 17.99 PSI.

Net effect of swapping the cat-back looks like it was an increase of 16 WHP, but a loss of peak torque. The torque curve actually improved; that is, the average torque across the dyno pull was higher, although it didn't spike as much around 2800 RPM as it had earlier. The power really picks up around 4,000 RPM and is sustained until redline. Car feels very strong with this setup.

I'll see if I can figure out a way to scan and post the actual report. Next project for the spring will likely be a FMIC.
What kind of dyno was this on?