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VAC Motorsports | Akrapovic BMW 1M Exhaust Systems (Evolution / Slip On) - Available!

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VAC Notes: We have sold and installed quite a few Akrapovic systems and one thing is certain - there is no finer exhaust solution on on the market. Nothing is even close - fit, finish, style, sound, weight, options are top range. Now, these systems are expensive, VERY expensive but the folks who buy them expect the best - and they get the best. It's really that simple.

Akrapovič developed several different configurations to suit all tuning applications. The basis of all the configurations is the Titanium Slip-On system. Utilizing a single muffler arrangement, the Slip-On is designed to be modular. In its basic mode, all exhaust gases flow through the main body of the muffler, giving you a deeper rumble of an exhaust note compared to stock without any drone. In Europe this system meets TÜV standards for noise. However, the muffler system is built in such a way that by replacing a blocking plate with the Wireless Kit valve system the driver is able to noticeably increase the volume of the exhaust at the press of a button. Once activated, the majority of the exhaust gases route through the muffler bypass outlets.

Building on the modular theme, the Evolution System includes the Slip-On and then adds titanium link pipes to it with resonators that run from the stock downpipe back. These link pipes feature larger-than-stock-diameter tubing and cast titanium flanges that are made at Akrapovic's in-house foundry for a perfect fit. In addition, the secondary catalysts are removed, further decreasing backpressure and weight while at the same time deepening the exhaust tone and increasing power output. No ECU reprogramming is required in this configuration. The check engine light will not be triggered. The Wireless Kit mentioned in the Slip-On description can also be used with the Evolution System.

For the ultimate in weight reduction, tuning potential, and racing sound, Akrapovic offers stainless steel, catless downpipes. When used in conjunction with the Evolution System, this is virtually the same setup used on the 1M Moto GP Safety Car. The high-flow downpipes do require ECU reprogramming to eliminate the check engine light and for peak power output. They are only for the dedicated track day car or hardcore enthusiasts.

To cap off any of the systems, Akrapovic offers either carbon fiber or titanium exhaust tips. Both versions feature a spherical mounting system to allow for perfect alignment of all four tips. The carbon fiber tips are constructed at Akrapovic's in-house production facility using “prepreg” cloth that is vacuum-bagged and autoclaved. The result is an attractive yet extremely durable part.

The Evolution system with optional down pipes: (example with tuned engine):
• Stainles steel down pipes
• Titanium link pipes with resonators
• Titanium muffler

Hard facts:
• + 70 HP (at 6,350 rpm)
• + 65 Nm / 48 lbs-ft of torque (at 4,660 rpm)
• 12 kg / 26 lbs. lighter than stock

The Evolution system:
• Titanium link pipes with resonators
• Titanium muffler

Hard facts:
• Plus 11 HP (at 5,850 rpm)
• Plus 16 Nm / 12 lbs-ft of torque (at 3,090 rpm)
• 9 kg / 19 lbs. lighter than stock

Tail pipes:
• 4 titanium tail pipes
• 4 carbon fiber tail pipes

• Downpipe
• Wireless kit for exhaust valves

*A note about titanium: Not all titanium alloys are created equal. Akrapovič titanium exhaust systems are made from a proprietary titanium alloy. Although thier alloy is considerably more expensive and difficult to form than the more common commercial alloys, it ensures a product that’s substantially more durable, dimensionally stable, and heat resistant. Unparalleled in quality, all Akrapovič products are designed without compromise to guarantee the highest in customer satisfaction.

20+ pics from a recent install:

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