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A generation Y girl's Friday night?

Camille Jones _Creeps_ (2004)

Make me take the ride
Free drinks on tonight
Take some have a feast
Break me 'cause it keeps coming
Down on either side
Bleeding in my mind
Waiting for the Creeps
To kill my last beliefs

So come on down to the Creeps
Come on down to the Creeps
Come on

Holding back the key
Fading sanity
Blowing up my head
Reaching for my always loving
Partner in crime
Soaking up my mind
Filling up my glass
I'm gone, at last

Walking to the claim
The Creeps calling my name
They get me every time
I'm bleeding and I'm getting
We go split before my eyes
Increase, double size
Lease out my brain
Am I insane?
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