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Go the crossover!

Pitbull _Calle Ocho_ (2009)

It’s Mr. 305 checking in for the remix
You know that S 75 Street Brazil?
Well this year goon' be called Calle Ocho
Que ola cata, Que ola omega
And this how we gon do it Dale!

One two three four
Uno do’ tres cuatro

I know you want me
You know I wantcha

One two three four
Uno do’ tres cuatro

Rumba (Si!)
Ella quiere su Rumba (Como?)
Rumba (Si!)
Ella quiere si Rumba (Como?)
Si e’ verdad que tu ere guapa
Yo te voy a poner gozar
Tu tiene la boca grande
Dale ponte a jugar (Como!)

One two three four
Uno do’ tres cuatro

6 to tha clock, on my way to the top yo
Pit got it locked from brews to the locker
All I.P uh, big and packer
That he’s not, but damn he’s hot!
Label fly but Pit wont stop
Got her in the car, quit playin’ with his (Como?)
Watch him make a movie like Alfred Hitchcock

I know you want me
You know I want cha

Mami got an ass like a donkey, with a monkey
Look like King Kong, welcome to the crib
305 thats what it is
With a woman down ya shit don't play games
they up the chain, and they let her do everythang
And anythang, hit tha thang
And they love it gettin’ it in, gettin’ on
All night long (Dale)

Baby you can get it, if you win it we can play
Baby I got cribs, I got condos we can stay
Even got a king size mattress we can lay
Baby I don't care, I don't care, what they say
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